Bright red color

Nose : Fresh and intense nose, slightly spicy, dominated by red fruit (the authentic Pinot Noir)..


Palate : the freshness of the attack of Red fruits (Raspberries, cherries, blackcurrants…) followed by a slight tannic intensity, ends on a harmonious final touch.


 Serve it between 2 and 6 years of age, at a temperature of 14 to 16°C. 



Serve with red meat and poultry, either grilled or roasted.

Grape variety : 

Origin :


Exposure : 

 Soil : 

 Age of Vines : 

Density of plantation : 

Pruning  : 

Yields : 

 Culture : 


100% Pinot noir

Village of Irancy 



 Portlandien, Upper Jurassic composed of limestone.

30 years

6 800 vines hectare

Guyot simple

40 hl/ha

Reasoned culture, respectful of the vines, the terroir and the environment: Ploughing, organic fertilizers, no insecticide, 

At the end of the onset of ripening (véraison), we cut all the grapes that didn’t achieve this stage (the bunches that would never reach maturity). 


Alcohol :

Sugar :

Sulfites :

Acidity :


12.5 %

less than 1g/L

60 mg/l in total 



 • The whole bunches go into the tank

• Alcoholic fermentation between 28° C and 32° C

• Short fermentation on the skins (about 2 weeks) with daily pumping-over for maximal extraction Free-run juice and press-juice are vinified separately but reassembled for the malolactic fermentation. 

• Bottled by us at the Estate


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map Irancy Plots names
map Irancy Plots names