Combination of modernism and tradition

Made up of 35 separate parcels, Domaine  Gueguen vineyards enjoy both a great complexity and incredible richness.

To preserve their environment, the vineyards are carefully managed. Limiting yields is a given, and the vines have been cultivated using organic methods for many years. The domain carries out harvesting  in small crates followed by rigorous sorting, and pays close attention to detail at every stage of the process.

The grapes are sorted, then placed in a  press to be slowly and progressively pressed. Next the juice is left to decant during twelve hours and then put into vats to start the alcoholic fermentation. Once the fermentation has started, the lees are then stirred to enrich the wine.

The length of fermentation and the frequency of stirring the lees (to enrich the wine) depend on the vintage and the “terroir” of each different wine, with the objective of increasing the complexity of the wine and its aromatic complexity. 

Pleasant notes of fruit and a dry flavor

The estate has 25 hectares of vineyards and has gathered a young and dynamic team to produce fresh, fruity Chablis & Bourgogne wines with a good mineral character, respecting the typicity of this exceptional terroir. 

In that spirit, Céline & Frédéric have decided to increase the value of Celine 's Grand father heritage through an old vines “ SACY cuvée”. These old SACY grapes of more than 60 years old give to the aromas of the wine the complexity and this strong concentration we are looking for. The deepness of the roots explains this phenomenon by the subtle components drawn from the Portlandian underground of Auxerrois vineyard.

 The wines are bottled exclusively on the estate.